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Rumble Sisters

Rumble Sisters

Product Information

HEY! You got a ringside seat!  (And get comfortable, 'cause we got a STORY to tell!)

In the blue corner, 17 year-old Nathalya! And her opponent, in the red corner, 16 year-old Ivana! Hey wait... these aren't foxy boxers! They're just kids! What's the deal here???

Well it seems in the home up the street, Sebastian has a job out of town and has moved out, leaving his room available. His sisters, Nathalya and Ivana are each anxious to have it, because not only is it a nicer room, they can "borrow" their neighbor's highspeed internet signal from there!

Well Mama walks in on their argument, and says if they are going to behave that badly they should just fight for it. FINE! Ivana says with a smile, and puts up her fists, anxious to get even with her big sister for years of taunting anyway! HEY! Mama yells... not in here! I'm not cleaning up your mess! Why don't you go down the street where that shiny headed fella lives, the one with the boxing ring? He might even PAY you (and remember I get half) and then HE can clean up the mess!

So here we are, the girls ready to slug it out for the room! Byron, worried the girls' mama would come after him if they REALLY get hurt, makes the girls wear headgear, but it's not long before both have the protection punched right off!

The girls give it to each other, bodyshots and headshots alike! Finally it's over, with a sister outcold, spread-eagle on her back! And of course the happy winner gives us a smile (thinking of FINALLY having a room all to herself).

Also special appearance by Ring-Girl Ruby!

70 Images in all, from the BEST friend of the Gorgeous Boxing Girls... BYRON!

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